Tips for writing a eulogy

A eulogy is the tribute which is given to honour someone's life. Usually a family member or close friend is asked to do this, and there may be more than one tribute in order to cover different aspects of the person's life.

You can tell stories from your heart that really speak about the personality and the life your loved one. There is no right or wrong way to do a eulogy.

Subjects to cover in a eulogy:

  • Childhood and school days
  • Family life; parents, siblings, marriage, children and grandchildren
  • Career
  • Personal qualities
  • Hobbies
  • Life highlights

Complete the statements below and you'll jog memories, brighten the mood and maybe even surprise a few people.


  • Nick name
  • Favourite food
  • Favourite holiday place
  • Favourite pet
  • Favourite sport
  • Favourite music, song or singer
  • Favourite TV show, move or actor
  • Favourite joke, saying or piece of advice
  • Most embarrassing moment 

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