Mulqueen Funerals Coburg, VIC

A Le Pine Funeral Home

Mulqueen Funeral Services

825 Sydney Road
Coburg VIC 3058

Phone (24/7):
(03) 9354 3215
Monday-Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday-Sunday: by appointment
The spacious chapel seats 80, with additional standing room for 100 in the adjoining room complete with full audio-visual equipment. An organ is also available.
The car park accommodates 40 parking spots; enter via Sydney Road.

Meet Mulqueen Funerals in Coburg

Le Pine Funerals has been providing funeral services to families in Victoria from our funeral homes in Melbourne for over 125 years since we first started in 1891.

Mulqueen Funeral Services in Coburg is a part of the Le Pine Funerals network in Victoria. Located north of the Melbourne CBD, we work with families in Coburg and the surrounding suburbs of Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Pascoe Vale South, Coburg North, Pascoe Vale, Preston, Hadfield, Fawkner, Thornbury and Northcote.

The team at Mulqueen Funerals Coburg are with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and guiding you through the arrangements as much or as little as you need.

Our caring and compassionate funeral directors will help you realise your loved one’s wishes for a memorable funeral that celebrates their life. No matter your family’s cultural background or religion, we can help you prepare your goodbyes.

Mulqueen Funeral Services also offers Provinciale Servizio Funebre Italiano for the local Italian community.

Funeral services in Coburg

You can choose the format and location of your loved one’s funeral ceremony, we are here to help with whatever path you go down.  

Options for the funeral ceremony include:

  • Our spacious Coburg chapel
  • A local church (St Paul's Catholic Church in Coburg, St Fidelis Catholic Parish in Coburg, Greek Orthodox Parish Of The Presentation Of Our Lord in Coburg, St Augustine's Moreland Anglican Church in Coburg, Coburg Baptist Church)
  • Any other destination of your choosing, such as a local club, park or private residence

Following the ceremony, you may choose to bury or memorialise your loved one at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, which is just 3km from our funeral home. Please be aware that burials at Coburg Cemetery are restricted to additional internments in existing graves. Other options include Fawkner Memorial Park or Northern Memorial Park.

Facilities at our Coburg funeral home

Our location has:

  • Our spacious chapel seats 80 people, with additional standing room for 100 more in the adjoining room
  • A refreshment lounge where you can gather your friends and family for after funeral catering
  • A Coffin Selection Room where you can view various caskets and coffins in different materials and finishes, ranging from eco-friendly and timber to metal and customised options suitable for varied budgets
  • A viewing area to give you and your family the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one
  • An organ is available for music, as well as complete full audio-visual equipment so you can play your own music, or display photos or videos
  • Wheelchair access and a disabled toilet are also available.
  • Funeral webcasting is available at our funeral home where the funeral service is live-streamed and recorded for family members and friends to be part of the service if they are unable to attend in person

The car park at Mulqueen Funerals Services in Coburg has entry via Sydney Road with 40 parking spots. If the carpark is full, there is street parking available near our funeral home on Aldus Place.

Our people

The team at Mulqueen Funerals Coburg are with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and guiding you through the arrangements as much or as little as you need.

Meet David Franzó, Mulqueen Funerals Coburg location manager.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The things I love about my job Is that every day, I get to assist and guide a family through one of the most difficult times in their lives. I see my role as a funeral director one of high importance where a family entrust us with their loved one and I feel that they come to us for support and I only have one shot in making their day as special as possible. To receive a thank you at the end of the service by someone in the family makes me feel that I have accomplished and achieved a goal each day in helping someone. 

How long have you been a location manager?

I have been a location manager now for 3 years and in the industry for 11.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

 In my spare time, I love spending time with my family. My wife and I have a little girl who brightens up my world every day from the moment I walk in the door at home and hear her little voice scream out “Daddyyyyy” as she runs down the hall way. I also enjoy Fishing, Boating, Marvel Movies and love watching documentaries on history, our planet and most of all the universe.

Are there any special community groups you work with or support?

The community groups I am involved in are San Marco in Lamis Italian social club, Altona Italian Club, Les Twentyman, Basilicata Bocce Club, several churches throughout the north and west of Melbourne,Green Button Foundation, A Laugh for a Life (social fundraiser) and I have just been asked to join the Knights of the Southern Cross.

Funeral costs

To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral goods and services we have created Funeral Information Pricing Disclosure documents. Please click on the below to download the Funeral Information Pricing Disclosure document.